Almost to the Finish Line 🏁

Welcome back from break BirchBots! We’re pacing toward the finish line to the competition which we are very excited for. Today we just worked on testing the robot to ensure it was in tip top shape. After much hard work by Alex he was able to perfect the code for the robot to be in outstanding working conditions. The robot was able to turn in a 360 circle, and do many other awesome things that you will have to wait and see! Matthew and Ariel made some tweaks here and there, but the robot was able to perform amazingly. The robot was in full function, and ready to dominate this competition like a piece of cake! Although today was a laid back day for the rest of the crew we were able to relish in the fact that we worked so hard to get to the point we are at now. We are so proud of everyone who was able to make this amazing journey smooth, and enjoyable. Although it was not easy to get to the point we are today we are so grateful to get this opportunity to be able to learn such an amazing concept, and process that goes into making the robot. Working hard for the past few months has been nothing short of awesome times with the most amazing crew members. Today really showed that even with bumps in the road you will still prosper and make it through the hard times, and journeys.



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