Long Build Work Day and Scouting Mock Meeting 💪

Welcome back again with the BirchBots! Today was a very busy day, so let us tell you all about it. In build we worked on mounting more of the electrical components toward the robot, being wires, and much more exciting stuff. They worked on fixing a bent metal bar in the fore bar assembly which took a lot of skill, and time, but they were able to persevere and continue on without complaint! On the more code side of things, we were fixing a few hiccups, to ensure the robot will work at its best. Some exciting news is that we are starting to work on the arm of the robot which is useful during the game when cones will be stacked, but we’ll tune into those details more later! It’s safe, and happy to say that swerve is pretty much completed thanks to our efficient, and hard working; build and code team! Last but not least to talk about the build aspect was that they are starting to build more of the mock game elements such as the low goal. Also to tap into the more pre competition knowledge, Grace went into detail about how scouting is gonna work for the newer members, and made it fun by showing them videos, assigning them a robot number to make sure they write down observations they had on the robots speed, and much more! These were Mock Scouting questions which were helpful for when the competition rolls around the newer members will be locked in and ready to scout! Going back to build everyone worked very efficiently, and helped one another when someone was confused. It’s safe to say that build season is going very well! See you next time BirchBots!



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