Finale 🛠️

Welcome to the last blog till next season BirchBots! Although it’s sad we won’t get to write these fun blogs anymore, we had a blast sharing the amazing moments we had with you. So now let us tell you how the competition went! There were 3 days, and the first day our scouting team talked to other teams, and got to befriend them as well! We also test runned the robot to ensure wellness but had to make some minor tweaks here and there, but all was well! Some exciting parts of the first day was that the U.S army was there, and you got to do challenges in order to win some cool prizes. Some colleges were also there being: Columbia, Stoney Brook, Bloomberg, and WPI. Them being there gave a chance for our team members to chat with them about what we wanted our majors to be, and how the college application would be which was really helpful. During the second day we played some matches, although we had some issues with our robot we happily placed 17th. Unfortunately the third day we ended up in 26th place which honestly was an accomplishment because since last season we’ve only risen in our ranking! This journey we have been through was tough, but nonetheless very thrilling, and very exciting to be a part of! Thank you for always tuning in BirchBots, can’t wait till next season!



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