Speaker Construction🔊

Welcome back BirchBots! Today the BirchBots did many exciting things, keep reading to find out more! One group was tracing the side of the makeshift speaker, to practice with, and then they carved parts out to actually build it. The speaker is the game element that is located on either end of the field. They are building it so they can practice shooting notes into the speaker as a test run before the games. In the other room was the electrical aspect. Over the past couple of days they have been building the test chassis for the SDS MK4i swerve modules. This is in order to give progaming the ability to work out the kinks in the swerve code now. As well as to work out issues with the electrical system/CAN chain. Now to highlight the team bond. The new members were able to work smoothly, and follow the directions of Coach Emily, and most of the older members. If someone was frustrated, or didn’t understand a member or Coach Emily was there to guide them through the whole process. Well thank you for tuning in with the BirchBots this week. See you next week with more updates!



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