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Welcome to the 2023-2024 Birch Bots Blog! We are so excited to get things up and running this year in preparation for the season! To start things off, the build team has been working very hard to get some basics done before the bulk of the building starts. Last week, they started working on the Swerve Module Assembly Guide, beginning with the basic wheel assembly, and slowly moving towards making the shafts, and center columns. They split up into four groups to each work on one wheel. The groups worked on putting together gear assemblies for the drive component of the swerve modules. Today, every group had a leader to help the newer students to have a mentor to learn what is going on, and what they should be doing. They started with assembling the wheels for the base of the robot by working on putting together the bearing to create the completed wheel. Their goal is to accomplish the pulley mounting and get a step closer to wheel assembly of all four of the swerve wheels by the end of today. In terms of morale, they all easily came to an agreement about how all new members were very well integrated into the team already, and mentioned how the older members were being very helpful. Not only were they good at teaching, but patient, serving as mentors to their younger or newer teammates. When times got tough, they de-escalated situations, and brought everyone back to work, and on a good note! Another new addition, Coach Emily was amazing with all her lessons, and encouraged the students to really figure things out before giving up! All work is moving along as planned and everyone is on schedule for everything needed to be done. We are so happy to be making progress! Here’s to celebrating the new additions for the team as well as the old members for their success working together! We can’t wait to see what the season brings!



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