Season Prep Work⏲️

Hey again! Today’s journey with the BirchBots was very enthralling, so I suggest you keep reading to find out more! Today the team worked on finishing the bumpers for the robot, and continued to work on the speaker game piece for test runs with the robot. As well as working on code for the swerve wheels for the test bot. They also worked on the launcher for the real bot, to launch the notes into the speaker, or the amp. The team also was configuring the radio to run the robot wirelessly. How neat is that?! Now for the operations side of things Lead members Grace and Daphne have started on the Candygram with the newer members. They took the session to explain what the Candygram is for, and more. For context the Candygram is a special event we do during Valentines day when students or faculty can order little candy blind bags, and add sweet notes for other people. All the funding toward Candygrams go straight toward building the robot, and essentials for it. It’s safe to say this week was a success. Make sure to tap in with the BirchBots for next week!



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