Welcome back from break BirchBots! We started the week strong with talking about this year’s competition: CRESCENDO! With the kickoff happening just a couple days ago, this week the team has definitely been in high gear! Coach Emily and William put on a series of videos for the members to watch about the competition, and helped to spark a discussion of ideas for creating the robot. Today all the members really got to take initiative, drawing what model they would think would be the most beneficial for competition, as well as vote on which components they think would be the most important. Our presenters went into detail about the parts of the game field. These include, the amp area, then the speaker- an area where the note could be sprung in, then being on stage – the chain where the robot can hang from and lastly the human component of the spotlight. Coach Emily made a drawing on the board to help capture what is going on. We love how Emily teaches because she explains in a way where it isn’t overly complicated and easy to understand for newer members. This lets them have an open mind and a free flow of ideas with no right or wrong answers. Later on, William went into detail about why using swerve was very useful. At the end of the lesson, Emily made a timeline on when certain tasks will be started to give the members an idea. Build season is upon us, and the BirchBots are ready for Crescendo!



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