Valentines Candygrams💘

This week, the entire BirchBots came together to do our candygram event. A candy gram is a bag of Valentine’s Day candy with a card on the front saying who it’s from (anonymous if chosen), who it’s to, and a funny or sweet message on the back. We sent out surveys to the entire school to figure out how many candygrams we should make and the messages people want written. We had a Venmo at the end for payment. Then, on the day before Valentines Day, we set up a stand in the student lounge and alternated who was running it to gain even more exposure and convince more people to buy them. On Valentine’s Day, we sent out our best singers and guitarists to hand out the candygrams in the middle of class with a little song and dance to make it more fun and festive. Big thank you to William, Julian and Gavin for assisting Sammie and Grace in handing out the candygrams and for giving a great performance. Overall, everybody had a great time and it was a good bonding experience for the team while providing money for The Lower East Side Girls Club. Thank you to everyone who purchased!



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