Season Kickoff🔌

It was a cold New York City morning and the Birch Bots assembled at their school. Some nervous, some not; however, this would soon change. They restlessly awaited the announcement to know what they would gruelingly labor towards over upcoming months. Despite this, the classroom was filled with joy. With the news closer each second, the tension rose. After what felt like an eternity, the countdown struck 10. The arrival of each new number flaunted an array of upbeat emotions, but nothing permeated quite like the enthusiasm and cheers. They chained like electricity, not leaving a single member out of the horde. Then, as the timer hit 0 and they hit the upper limits of their physical bodies, they all went silent. Not a breath or tap could be heard as the video roared on, bringing a gratifying resolution to their endless theories about the rules. Once the video ended, they eagerly split into groups to analyze each and every word on the ruleset and compile a plan. The teams charged up for the season!



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