Mentor Interview!👩‍💼

This week we decided to write a new special, specifically a nice Thanksgiving special by interviewing Coach Emily. We asked her a few questions obviously based on robotics, but we really wanted these questions to be raw, and honest. Hope you enjoy this week’s blog! Can’t wait for what the future holds for this team!
1. How is it going so far? “It is a learning experience for her, and her students. Enjoyed more of the technical side, before the building. Making sure they know the basics before the building aspect”
2. How did you get into robotics? “Really likes tinkering, comes from a low income household, would fix the broken things instead of buying new. Which sparked an interest in building and robotics. Likes understanding how smaller things work to make a bigger whole. Likes working in groups to create and combine larger ideas”
3. What’s your first hand experience with robotics? “In highschool she was interested in work, environmental sciences, and building. Sophomore year tasked with building your own systems from engineer piece, made a motor car made on hydrolysis – takes water and splits into water and hydrogen and other atoms”
4. Do you enjoy build? “In general – yes she loves the process of design and prototyping products, and having an interesting final product, even if it’s not perfect if it’s just done, and better than the beginning. As for BWL she enjoys not only working with the groups but teaching them what to do so they can learn what they are doing”
5. What’s your highlight of the year so far? “She gets enlightened by seeing the diversity of the students, gender, ethnicity, and seeing that there are so many students that are interested in learning about this topic”



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