Building Swerve!⚙️

Birch Bots is back for the third week! They had worked on the swerve modules/corners for the robot which act as the legs, and driving for the robot. The specific name for the modules are SDS MK4i. They were Flashing motor controllers which are used to give the code to the physical motors. Preparing to integrate it into chassis, motor controls which tells how much power to apply and move in what direction. As well as they used WD-40 which helps the gears move smoothly which helped reduce the friction. One group had successfully built 3 of the swerve corners. In all the build team worked very well together, and was able to get a lot done that day. Older members of the team nicely explained to the newer members what they needed to do in lots of detail. Not only that but the older members made sure the newer members got to do work as well. In addition to the upper school teams success this week, our newly founded lower school lego robotics activity club has been off to a great start in recent weeks. This week Ms Russel is a new teacher but helps inspire the kids to make new products, and really teaches them what to do. Giving sets to work on individual projects, that they come together and work together and will interact with the robots, and eventually will use these projects to come as a whole group experience. Freedom to explore, and pick what they want to make, and learn very valuable life skills, and learn how to experience things on their own. They get to become mini engineers for their future sleeves to reflect on these things, and will remember these lessons. We’re really happy to launch these activities this year, and have the robotics program expand from K-12! Can’t wait to see what this future season has in store for this year!



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